Our Incentive events

My name is Bond…

Good for: learning to work as a team
The aim: to encourage solidarity, motivation and trust

68,00 € p. Info & Quote


Duration : From 2.5 hrs to a full day

My name is Bond…

It’s all about teamwork…

Once again, the mysterious Doctor NO is threatening the planet. You send your best teams to prepare for the onslaught...The objective is to determine the best JAMES BOND TEAM. To do this, each team will complete a series of tests that perfectly embody the qualities of Mr Bond! By solving puzzles and completing a series of tests, the teams will gather information and earn points via a series of fun activities that will put their skills and composure to the test. It's a challenge that will allow everyone to find their place in the team...

The price includes

The provision and layout of the site, the workshops spread across the entire site and nearby, 1 road book per team, plus our own team onsite to host and manage the entire adventure.

  • Season: All year round
  • 50 participants minimum
  • Our opinion: This type of challenge highlights both individual qualities and group performance.
  • Alternative challenge: The Epic of Vercingetorix