Our guidelines

Prior to undertaking practice any of ours activities, consider your physical condition and the risks involved... (truly).
This page will be updated regularly. For further/more information please contact us.


Please, pay attention to the physical level required, specified/listed on each of our technical datasheets by the following sings/symbols:

* very easy, approachable/accessible for family, equivalent of 2 hours of light hiking
** easy, but require cautions, equivalent of 3 hours of light hiking
*** quite difficult, physical involvement, equivalent of 5 hours of hiking
**** very difficult, cautions and training, equivalent of 7 hours of hiking
***** extremely difficult, cautions and training highly recommended....


Prior to any activity, ask yourself:

  • Do I practice a sports activity regularly?
  • If not, can I walk more than 1 hour than the required level?
  • Do I have strong misgivings/apprehensions facing emptiness (via ferrata), immersion (canyoning) or confinement (caving)?
  • Do I have medical contraindications for practicing outdoor activities?
  • What are my recent or recurring traumatic histories?


The most common cases: joint laxity which can lead to dislocation, mainly of the shoulder; scoliosis or other deformations/distortions of the spine can cause serious trauma by compression of the vertebra during canyoning jumps, etc... 

Talk about it from your initial/first contact, we will guide you in your choice of activity or simply avoid the worst during our adventures, unsuited/misfit jumps in canyoning for example…

Don't forget that the inaccessibility of the ground quickly changes an harmless/insignificant situation into ordeal!!!