Who are we?

Global Events Organisation is an LLC specialized in the conception, organization, and management of sporting outdoor activities in the south of Ardèche, as canyoning, caving, climbing, via ferrata, adventure courses, canoeing, hiking, bungee jumping and high river kayaking.

As well as, the creation for businesses seminars, of interactive, educational, sporting activities with different topics.

Claude Roux, manager/managing director, coming from the world of outdoor activities and communication, produced and realized over five hundred entertainment events.

30 years of experience and more than 500 achievements on the national territory make us your best/greatest ally.


Our team :


she works for GEO for more than 10 years. She manages the plannings and organizes the activities. Passionate about horse riding and addicted to outdoor activities, she’ll help you to spend your best holidays ever...


State-certfied for Caving

Diploma Bastien
Professional license Bastien

Thomas B.

State-certfied for Climbing and Canyoning

Diploma Thomas B.
Professional license Thomas B.


State-certfied for Climbing and Canyoning

Diploma Léo
Professional license Léo


State-certfied for Climbing and Canyoning

Diploma Michaël
Professional license Michaël


State-certified for Canyoning

Diploma Marion
Professional license Marion


State-certified for Canyoning

Diploma Mathieu
Professional license Mathieu


State-certified for Climbing and Canyoning

Diploma Antonio
Professional License Antonio


State-certified for Climbing and Canyoning

Diploma Johann
Professional license Johann


State-certified for Climbing and Canyoning

Diploma Mathias
Professional license Mathias

Thomas T.

State-certified for Canyoning

Diploma Thomas T.
Professional license Thomas T.


State-certfied for climbing and canyoning

Diploma Guy

Professional license Guy

Thomas L.

State-certfied for Climbing and Canyoning

Diploma Thomas
Professional license Thomas


State-certified for Climbing and Canyoning

Diploma climbing William
Diploma canyoning William
Professional license William

Thomas M.

State-certified for climbing and canyoning

Diploma for climbing Thomas M.

Diploma for canyoning Thomas M.

Professional license Thomas M.



State-certfifed for mountaineering option high mountain guide

Diploma Jérôme

Professional license Jérôme


State-certified for caving and canyoning

Manager and co-founder of GEO society, and many other structures related/linked to events and outdoor activities. Forerunner/Precursor of bungee-jumping in Ardeche since 1987, canyoning guide (before anyone else) since 1985 (still in Ardeche), climber, caver, kayaker and sailors in his free/spare time... True lover of the natural environments and always ready for new adventures...

Diploma Claude Roux
Professional license Claude Roux