Climbing Ardeche

Climbing is a major activity here... from bouldering to challenging climbs and training walls, there is a wide range of climbing routes in Ardèche.

Where can you go rock climbing in Ardèche?

 The Barrasses in Balazuc, Chaulet, Mazet and the garden of Endieu in Casteljau, the circus of Gens in Chauzon, the great Charmasson in Vallon Pont d'Arc, the Auches du Curadou in Antraigues sur Volane...the list goes on and on, as there are well over 60 climbing sites in Ardèche.

From introduction to climbing to major routes, Ardèche has a huge number of climbing sites. We suggest that you take a step up in order to fully appreciate the beauty of the Ardèche villages. A plethora of routes for all levels will allow you to experience the joys of this sport while discovering unspoilt natural sites.

Rate : 42,00 € per person

Required age : 6+

Duration : 2 hrs

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