Canyoning trips

Alpes Maritimes - 2 days

Guided trip to the gates of the sun!

138,00 € p. Info & Quote


Required age : 10+

Duration : 2 days, 1 night

Day 1: Maglia; Day 2: Barbeira

Alpes Maritimes - 2 days

Guided trip to the gates of the sun!

These are among the most beautiful canyons in the south of France! Located on the Italian border, these gorges offer everything that is canyoning, from narrow to steep, to underground passages, slides - the longest of which is 20 meters - jumps of every type, rock pools or rather swimming pools given the extraordinary clear turquoise waters.... Welcome to Breil sur Roya where we’ll stay either at a campsite or in a gite.

The little ‘extra’ at GEO - canyoning shoes + neoprene socks from size 26 to 52!

Risky activity: consult our recommendations carefully.

The price includes

  • Professional guiding and supervision throughout the stay.
  • Provision of a neoprene wetsuit, socks, canyoning shoes, a wet-shirt, helmet, full harness, bag and waterproof container

From 138€ per person based on 2 canyons for a group of 8 people

  • Season: Spring – Autumn
  • To bring: contact us for details
  • Not included: transport and accommodation, travel & accommodation of guide (contact us for details)