Canyoning trips

Switzerland - 4 days

Welcome to Ticino…

316,00 € p. Info & Quote


Required age : à partir de 18 ans

Duration : 4 jours

Switzerland - 4 days

Welcome to Ticino…

For this trip, we have concocted an exceptional program of some of the most beautiful canyons in Europe. Lodrino, Iragna, Cresciano, Turnigla, Sponde or Bodengo, if you want a foray over to the Italian side to enjoy their famous pasta. Little known with huge atmospheres, impressive elevation, omnipresent water and sunshine – these are the hallmarks of these challenging river routes that demand total physical, technical and mental commitment.

The little ‘extra’ at GEO - canyoning shoes + neoprene socks from size 26 to 52!

Risky activity: consult our recommendations carefully.

The price includes

  • Professional guiding and supervision throughout the stay.
  • Provision of a neoprene wetsuit, socks, canyoning shoes, a wet-shirt, helmet, full harness, bag and waterproof container

From 316€ per person based on 4 canyons for a group of 5 people

  • Season: Summer – Autumn, after the snow has melted and before the first storms
  • To bring: contact us for details
  • Not included: transport and accommodation, travel & accommodation of guide (contact us for details)